Brush Control

Our company specializes in brush control in pastureland in West Texas.  We have many years of experience in pastureland reclamation.  We do all type of clearing including right of ways, wildlife sculpture clearing, farmland reclamation, general brush clearing, cedar removal, mesquite removal.  Along with our grubbing services we also offer brush raking into windrows or piles.

We are based out of San Angelo, Texas (Tom Green County) but offer our services in a large area in West Texas.  We will service the following counties: Schleicher, Sutton, Crockett, Irion, Pecos, Reagan, Coke, Sterling, Runnels, Concho and Edwards.


Live oak mott before brush clearing in eastern Sutton Co.   Picturesque live oak mott after dozer pushing of underbrush.


 Roots & All

Grubbing mesquite in abandoned farmland in Runnels Co.   Pulling roots and all from deep farm soil.

 Before & After the Grubber

Farmland overgrown with dense mesquite in Runnels Co.   Grubbed mesquite ready to rake, pile and burn

Crossing the Creek

Overgrown/washed out roadway in Tom Green Co.   Roadway cleared and ready for pasture access.


From Overgrown Brush to Small Grain Field

Non productive pastureland in Irion Co.   Invasive brush grubbed and piled. Ready for the plow and grain drill.


Clearing the Mesquite

Grubbing mesquite flats with excavator in Val Verde Co.   Opening up large areas of pastureland to allow regrowth of grass.



Pasture Roadways Improved

Overgrown pasture roads in Schleicher Co.   Opened roadways allowing visibility and easy access.

Big, Overgrown Valleys Opened for Grass Growth

Val Verde Co. ranchland overgrown with cedar and mesquite   Pastureland grubbed and piled ready to be burned.

 Roadways Cleared for Safety of Travel and Livestock.
Mortality reduction on public right of ways.

Paved county road in Crockett Co. with encroaching cedar.   Roadways cleared for safety, visibility and grass regrowth.


Deer Blind Areas Opened Up in Heavy Brush for Easier Access and Visibility

Deer blind areas slowly being overgrown with cedar in Menard Co.   Cedar grubbed and raked aside allowing hunter visibility and safety.



Cleaning Out a Dirt Tank

Old dirt tank ruined by years of soil erosion in Pecos Co.   Cleaned and deepened dirt tank ready to be a productive water source.

Can't Find the Gate

Before   After

Pushed Cedar, Raked & Piled Ready to be Burned

Before   After

Below are pictures of brush piles being burned in Sutton County.  On this project we brought in Brian Treadwell and his Conservation Fire Team of Christoval, TX.  Brian is licensed by the State of Texas as a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager. We can handle any burn size from small to very large. On this job we burned 75 brush piles in one day.